Fiat 500e Electric Car

Fiat 500e Electric Car in Orange

While switching to an electric car isn’t going to save the planet I do think it’s somewhat better than driving a petrol car. The Fiat 500e electric car wasn’t available when I bought my little Fiat and while looking at photos of this adorable car today I wondered if I would have gotten the electric version if it was.

Fiat 500e in California

The petrol and electric Fiats look identical so it’s not a question of aesthetics but there is a significant cost involved when choosing an electric car. The 2013 Fiat 500e rapidly sold out in California when it went on release this year so obviously some people think it’s worthwhile and $199 per month to lease the car isn’t a bad deal.

At the end of day I like to think even small changes can lessen our impact on the environment so I do think given the choice I’d pick an electric Fiat 500, provide it comes in pretty blue like mine.

Fiat 500 in Berlin

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