5 Top Reviewed Solar Powered Backpacks

If you want to charge your laptop or phone while riding your bike or walking around then a solar powered backpack is one of the best ways to do that. I must admit the following backpacks aren’t the most attractively designed bags but which backpacks are really? But these top rated backpacks do the job and will charge your tech items while you’re on the go or off the grid.

Most solar backpacks and any solar powered devices for that matter work best in direct sunlight and do a poor job of charging in filtered or indirect light. That’s not a surprise but keep it in mind when judging the effectiveness of the solar panels.

The following 5 solar powered backpacks all get good reviews but which to buy will depend on your exact needs, the size, the power and number of connections available.

The cheapest solar backpack we came across which has a good review is this 6 connection charger pack which is only $85, significantly cheaper than most of the other brands.

Solar Charger Backpack

The SolarGoPack has a good number of excellent reviews and is a 35 litre waterproof backpack. Not a bad choice for $130.

SolarGoPack Blue Solar Bag

The most expensive laptop solar charger would have to be Voltaic Systems laptop backpack which at $389 is quite pricey.

Voltaic Solar Laptop Charger

A more affordable option from Voltaic is their $129 daypack.

Voltaic Solar Daypack

The Bellino G-Tech laptop bag is another good value option at $110.

Bellino Solar Laptop Backpack

Not reviewed on Amazon but worth considering is Simply Solar Planet’s backpacks which come in a wide range of colours. I personally like this pink one. Priced at $180.

Pink Solar Powered Backpack

The most stylish of the solar charger backpacks is easily this one from Catalyst with its clean design and a non-PVC eco friendly backing. This doesn’t have any reviews of Amazon either but it’s reasonably priced at $106.

Catalyst Solar Backpack

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